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Ring Road Garage

We provide commercial and independent vehicles with mechanical servicing, repairs, and MOT. We also specialise in MAN vehicles.

MOT Testing
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Car having MOT at Ring Road Garage
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MAN Trucks
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MAN truck service at Ring Road Garage, Buckinghamshire

Ring Road Garage is a family-run vehicle mechanics based in Buckinghamshire. Our garage is conveniently located in Buckingham where it’s accessible from Oxford, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Banbury and Northampton. We have an experienced team of mechanics trained to work on MAN, HGVs, LGVs and trailers. Our bodyshop and repairs also provides servicing and MOTs for cars, vans and motorhomes. We are happy to support you whatever your vehicle needs.

Vehicle repairs, MOT and servicing at Ring Road Garage Buckiingham

We have the on-site facilities to service, MOT and repair a wide range of vehicles.

Keep your vehicle in the best condition by coming to an experienced garage like ours. We have certified mechanics using the innovative equipment at our workshop to ensure that we deliver high quality repair, service and MOT to your car, van, motorhome, or LGV/HGV. 

We offer a unique level of service where we can support large fleets of commercial vehicles, including our specialist MAN truck team, and other trucks. Our services are also available to individuals. 

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of customer service from a friendly team at the heart of the Buckinghamshire community.

When you need service, we’re right behind you!